Friday, May 2, 2014

Coach Guiot According to the Banners

"Coach Guiot," as my boys so lovingly refer to Jeff, always has kids around. He is the life of any party! His big, bald head intimidates most adults, but for some reason... kids see straight past that and to his heart.

My boys were thrilled when Mama Guiot asked them to be Ball Boys. First pre-game of the season was a success... I was nervous the crowd was huge.

Second half rolled around and something caught my eye... Deacon was heading to Coach Guiot with a shoe that needed tying.

Oh no! Did he not realize Jeff was talking to his team giving them last minute reminders and instructions in his huddle?? Apparently not! I was cringing... he was going to get... to get his shoe tied!? What?? Coach Guiot didn't miss a beat as Deacon walked through the huddle and propped his foot in Jeff's lap. Coach continued on with his huddle talk while tying the first time ball boy's shoe.

That moment is when I realized what a special man we had in our small town. The kids already knew, they knew he was safe and approachable... even at half time of a big game! :)

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