Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jeremy Logan


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Conference Champs
Conference Champs

"PUT IN LOGAN, PUT IN LOGAN"  The crowds would chant for Jeremy when they knew the Bearcats had the game in the bag.  I called Jeremy my cigar.  Putting Jeremy in the game was like Red Auerbach lighting his cigar.  Feb. 28, 2009, against Missouri Western, the Bearcats wound up the game to win the conference title.  As the fans chanted for Logan, I told him to check in the game and he pulled a cigar out of his sock to hand me as he ran to the scorers table.  The crowd went wild.  Jeremy has a talent for including others along his path to success.  He is the ultimate team player.

Click here to see where Jeremy is now:
Jeremy Logan Big Rentz Director, Operations

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