Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ring "Fingers"

Mama Guiot thought our former players and fans with a sense of humor would enjoy laughing at my crooked fingers filled with our rings.  D'Ante Harris blamed my messed up fingers on why he would break off plays but we all know he just wanted to shoot.  Most of the time, of course, we were glad he did.

Unfortunately, some championship rings never got made.

  • 1994 Neosho County Conference Champions (A group of tough overachievers that had to make a mid-season turnaround with a first year college coach)

  • 2000 Neosho County Conference Champions (Third in a row, I would say "Three-Peat" but have to give Pat Riley credit for the trademark) 

  • 2001 Southern Utah University Conference Champs, Conference Tournament Champs, and NCAA Tournament Appearance (Fred House and Jeff Monaco are still screaming about not getting the rings and their total meal stipend)
After 2001, I made sure to come up with the funds to buy rings for championships, not really for the hardware, but to remember the people representing them.  GREAT MEMORIES OF GREAT RELATIONSHIPS!!

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